• Explorations

    MIT Media Lab.

    Experiments, thoughts and explorations.

  • ShowMe

    MIT Medialab, Fluid Interfaces.

    Not a public work - pending publication.

  • AutoEmotive

    MIT Medialab, Affective Computing + Fluid Interfaces.

    Adding emotion sensing technologies inside the car in order to build an empathetic car that connects with the driver.

  • TagMe

    MIT Medialab, Fluid Interfaces.

    An easy-to-use toolkit for turning the personal environment into an extended communications interface.

  • AR Carpet + Lego Mindstorms

    MIT Medialab, Fluid Interfaces.

    Mixing Smarter Objects and Lego (collaboration with Valentin Heun).

  • SmartAvatars

    URL,La Salle R&D Barcelona.

    Startup. IoT + Smart Objects + Avatars.

  • Qbox

    MIT Medialab, Fluid Interfaces + URL, La Salle R&D Barcelona.

    AR + robotics + magic. Mixing physical & virtual world.

  • Video & Photography

    Artistic photography and video productions.