UX Designer/engineer, Futurist

Judith is co-president of VRatMIT  and a PhD student and Research Assistant at Fluid Interfaces Group, MIT Medialab. She graduated from MIT with a Masters in Media Arts and Sciences and holds a Multimedia Engineer degree. She worked as a Human Computer Interaction (HCI) researcher at Microsoft Research and at R&D at URL Barcelona developing Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences. She has a Computer Science background and Design focused on UX, UI and Filming. Her grants, awards and publications include over 19 scientific papers, 3 patents, a 2016 Facebook Graduate Fellowship, 2015 Lego Foundation sponsored research, 2016 Finalist Innovation by Design Awards, 2014 Winner Data Driven Hackathon by IDEO and Volkswagen.


My work seeks to push the boundaries of design and technology to create innovative solutions with the power to augment human capabilities. I am interested in creating technology that enhance the power of the mind and shape human perception using different sensory modalities. 


I always had an interest in consciousness and perception since it shapes an individual’s reality. My main area of research is HCI with the aim of making the user experience more seamless, natural and integrated in our physical lives as if it was an extension of our bodies, minds and behavior. I am currently exploring how to create multi-sensory technologies that react and evoke different states of mind and can be used in different states of consciousness (sleeping, awake, dreaming, meditating, etc.) – what I call “Subliminal Interfaces”. I am working with a variety of sensory inputs and technologies such as olfactory and audio-visual cues using Mixed, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Brain Computer Interfaces, physiological signals. I want to create technology that enhances all the senses and that extends human capabilities for better learning, communication and wellbeing. My current research falls in the intersection of HCI, Psychology, Neuroscience, Design and Art.


If I could create the future, it would definitely be a world where everyone got to live with what they’re passionate about. If everyone could find something that they are passionate about and spent all the day doing that, that’s the way I would love to see it. Why I do this? not because ” I have to” but “I love to, this is what I love to do”. Curious and always thinking, “How do I make this better”. Always focused on aesthetic beauty and simplicity. I want to discover and go beyond the boundaries of technology and its conventional interfaces. I love to mix technology and design-arts rather than choose one or the other. I love brainstorming with different types of people to create new and radical ideas and build them, mixing the “real” and virtual world. I am inspired by kids, scientists and artists like Salvador Dali and Chema Madoz.

MY other life

Professional ski instructor, amateur guitar player, after hours, I love to travel, dance salsa, photography, yoga and hike. Born in a small village in the Catalan Pyrenees called La Pobla de Segur (Spain). I was most of the time in my grandparents farm, playing with animals as if I was Heidi, always having an inner force that lead me to go outside the village and explore the world. Always wondering what was out there, and how we perceive our realities. Always fascinated by Art and Science, struggled to find the way to combine them.